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Books by Tasha L. Harrison

She Said Yes: Say Yes Duet

She Said Yes: Say Yes Duet

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She said yes … and now she has everything she ever wanted.

Blowing up her life and getting on a plane headed for Costa Rica with her son’s best friend is the most reckless and impulsive thing Darcy MacFarland. She was in a beautiful, wild country with all of her intentions set on falling in love. While discovering things she didn’t know about herself, things that make the connection between her and Tommy deeper and more real, she realizes that this is more than just a fling.

There are thirteen waterfalls in Costa Rica, and Tomás wants to kiss Darcy under every single one of them.

But he knows they can’t hide out in Costa Rica forever. He knows he’s in love with her and wants everyone in his world to know it. Can what they’ve built will survive telling his best friend?

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