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Books by Tasha L. Harrison

Having it Both Ways, The Lust Diaries: Book Three

Having it Both Ways, The Lust Diaries: Book Three

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In the wake of her breakup with Elijah Weinstein, Yves seems to have forgotten everything she ever learned. Boys and booze don't fill that emptiness as easily as it had before and as depression threatens to take her under she turns to the one thing that has always buoyed her: writing.

Everyone rallies around her including the person she least expected to reenter her life, Julian Webster. His sweetness and caring turns out to be exactly the thing she needs to rebuild her confidence in herself and her talent.

Yves works her way back to some semblance of normalcy but as her book moves toward publication she knows that she will have to face Elijah. Will the confidence she worked so hard to rebuild crumble in his presence?

CW: parental death, suicide

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