5 Tips To Avoid Procrasturbation

5 Tips To Avoid Procrasturbation

As a full-time, self-published author and host of a writing community, I’m often derailed by procrastination.

There are so many tasks to do that it’s easy for me to make the excuse that I need to focus on my content marketing strategy or create yet another free Trello board instead of meeting my word count for the day. And it’s true that those things need to get done, but too often, I give in to procrasturbation instead of keeping the appointment with myself to make the words.

What is procrasturbation? It’s masturbation + procrastination and what I like to call all of the more fun tasks I can get done instead of writing. While I tend to stay on track most days, some days (like today) I have a hard time keeping it at bay, and I have to lean on my habits and routines to make sure it doesn’t derail my publishing schedule.

If you find that you frequently get distracted from writing, here’s a few tips that might work for you.

1. Set a timer and stick to it. Writing can be a daunting task, set a timer for how long you’ll procrastinate and then get back to writing.

2. Break it up into small chunks and work on one piece at a time. It can be overwhelming to look at an entire project, but if you break it up into smaller tasks you’ll find that the end result isn’t as far away as you think.

3. Reward yourself for making progress. Writing is hard enough without having to add motivation to the mix, so reward yourself for milestones along the way and make sure you celebrate your successes!

4. Create boundaries. If procrastination is what stands between you and finishing your book, create boundaries that will keep procrastination at bay. That could mean blocking certain websites or taking breaks in timed increments (e.g., 10 minutes of writing followed by 5 minutes of procrasturbation).

5. Celebrate yourself! Finally, celebrate the little wins in your writing life! Acknowledging even small successes can help motivate you to keep going when procrastination strikes.

Procrastination is a natural part of the creative process, but knowing how to manage it can go a long way when it comes to meeting your writing goals. If procrastination derails you from making time for yourself and your writing, try out some of these tips and start getting back on track! Good luck!

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